Loving Our Planet

At The Organised Club, we are invested in caring for our planet and we are continually working on ways to improve our sustainability efforts. We’re proud that we…

Ecologi 🌳

Here at The Organised Club we care about a more sustainable future so we have partnered with Ecologi to help offset our carbon dioxide. When you purchase from us at check out you also have the option to plant a tree for as little as 24p each.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’re working to reduce waste and the consumption of resources as much as we can. We ensure all unavoidable waste, such as materials and clippings, is recycled, reused, recovered or disposed of responsibly. Our packaging is primarily cardboard and paper as well.

Team Responsibility

We foster a sense of responsibility for the environment among our team and stakeholders. This includes an awareness of our sustainability commitments and regular team discussions to update or improve what we do with our planet in mind. As we are based in London, we encourage the use of public transport to get to and from meetings when we can.

Continuously Improving What We Do

We are proud of our ESG policy. We set and monitor enviromental objectives and targets and strive to improve what we are doing. If you have any ideas we would love to hear from you!